Welcome to the BOB'C Custom Motorcycles Website

The story goes... The young man fell in love with the motorcycles and they became his life...
who is bob'c?!

Slobodan Cirkovic aka BOB'C

Slobodan Cirkovic is a Serbian ex-pat living, working, creating and designing motorcycles in the UK for over 20+ years. 
He started the journey as most people do by doing this initially as a hobby or something that he enjoyed doing in his spare time. 
Recently BOB'C decided to make this more permanent thing, instead of just being a hobby, as he has been slogging away in his workshop in Corby for a long time while creating and designing some very unique motorcycles that have been turning the heads around and having an irresistible charm!

What BOB'C is good at!

Designing Motorcycles

Design and create unique motorcycles that turn the heads around!

Building Beautiful Bikes

Build and forge beautiful and enjoyable motorcycles that our customers enjoy riding!

Custom Fabrications

Do various custom fabrications that provide our motorcycles with irresistible charm!

Restoring Motorbikes

Regularly restore motorcycles to their previous glory!

Providing Helping Hand

Assist others with managing their motorcycle build or restoration projects!

Giving Advice

Provide professional consultancy to our customers!

Reach Out To Us!

If you are interested in one of our motorcycles! 
If you have a project in mind! 
If you would like to work with us!